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Work / Sculptures

Untitled 2014

glass, dried leaf 15 cm Ø

Composition 2014

composition of pepper, truckle and a block 20x12x8 cm

Untitled 2014

wire, wood 4x10x4 cm

Untitled 2013 – 2014

ceramics, foam 140x35x40 cm

‘Cryptomnesie IIII’ 2014

wood, curry, textiles 300x50x9 cm

Untitled plates 2014

ceramics, fishbone, bathplug, feather, textiles 21 cm Ø

‘Cryptomnesie I00I’ 2014

ceramics, acrylics, wax, textiles, moss 250x150x150 cm

‘Collectief Bezit’ 2014

skull, textiles 30x17x10 cm

‘Collectief bezit’ 2014

sieve, wood 22×12 cm

‘Cryptomnesie 0110’ 2014

ceramics, epoxy, tea cabinet 76x59x39 cm